FreeCAD Basic Exercise #5

16 0 Beginner
This tutorial allows you to discover new Additive tools in FreeCAD Part Design workbench: Additive loft and Revolution. It also introduces the notion of Datum object to create new reference elements in a part.

Linking parts in CATIA: Publication

3 1 Expert
We can have the same sketch (or parameter, geometry, body,etc) in different parts of the same assembly, that way if we need to change this element, we only need to do it in one place. Some examples: 1) Diameter of holes, lengths. 2) We maybe want a reference model with all the sketches, and then copy those sketches to different parts. 3) We could have a solid of revolution, that we need to split due to the chosen manufacturing process. And after the split, maybe because of minor features (holes, etc) are not totally simmetric, so we have to define two parts with two drawings. We could be faster if we linked only the common solid, before applying specific features. In all of those cases we can use the powerful tool in Catia known as Publication.

Spring with proper pitch and revolutions in solidworks

1 0 Intermediate
it is a simple tutorial where spring model is made with proper revolution and pitch. Subscribe for more videos like this