New approach in designing and modelling an Oil pump using Inventor 2016

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Step by step tutorial videos, showing the easy way of modelling an Oil pump using Inventor 2016, how to create the parts, assemble them and drive gears, new approach make use of most Inventor specs, design center with some new tips & tricks ...

Electrical Routing in SOLIDWORKS (Easy Method)

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In this video tutorial, I will show you how to route electrical cables in SOLIDWORKS by using 3D Sketch, 2D Plane, and Sweep feature. After completing this video tutorial, you will learn one of the most important design processes, In-Context Designing.

Making a Paper Clip using 'Fit Spline' in SolidWorks

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This tutorial aims towards creating a simple & smooth CAD Model of 'Paper Clip' (with bend) as used in stationary using help of SolidWorks. Main learning point in this tutorial will be use of "Fit Splines" in achieving smooth sweep, this I discovered when I was learning for SolidWorks certification. Thank you! Hope you find this helpful. :)

Using Splines in Solidworks

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How to...