#Solidworks Face Mask Mesh (.stl) Edit with Solidwork for 3d Printing

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#Covid19 Face mask edit for 3d printing by using solidworks.

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Case Fusion 360 Tutorial

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#3DPrinted #3DPrinting #RaspberryPi

How to 3D Print in Color- from SOLIDWORKS

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This tutorial shows an 'easier' workflow for applying full-color textures to CAD parts for 3D printing, if you are using SOLIDWORKS. It applies for anyone who has SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium (2017+) since we'll be using the new SOLIDWORKS Visualize tool to map the textures.

How to Prepare STL files in Autodesk Inventor

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Autodesk Inventor allows you to save both individual parts and assemblies in STL format, at all design levels. This details how to save out all parts and assemblies.

#Solidworks : 3D Printable Ladder & Snake Board.

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This is HOw I design 3D Printable Ladder & Snake Board. IN this Corona Lock-down time you can print at home & Play with your friends & family. Download LInk : https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/ladder-snake-game-board

3D Scan-Introducción a Skanect

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3D Scan-Introducción a Skanect En este video vemos una introducción a Skanect. La aplicación de escaneado en 3 dimensiones. Vemos como crear un documento nuevo, con todos los ajustes para escoger, un vistazo a la interface, todas las opciones para arreglar y manipular el modelo escaneado y como exportarlo en distintos formatos.

Minimalist Wall Mounts

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Hello! im Álvaro Fernández, an artist by heart and a engineer by trade. Im from Concón, a quiet beach city in Chile. In this tutorial Im going to teach you how I make the minimalist stl file I post on this site. Its a begginer tutorial, I encourage to all to try it! you can acomplish it. I use: A pencil. Paper. Rhinoceros 6