2D Sketch on Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 (Create)

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Video ini menjelaskan fitur-fitur pada Create yang ada pada menu Sketch beserta cara penggunaannya. Let's Design your Future :) Kritik dan Saran Email: caddsign.solutions@gmail.com Freelancer Instagram: www.instagram.com/caddsign

Cara akses software Autodesk ORIGINAL Gratis 1 Tahun !

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Akses gratis ke software original Autodesk bukanlah sesuatu yang mustahil. Karena kita dapat mengikuti salah satu program yang disediakan oleh Autodesk yaitu Autodesk Education. Melalui program ini, dapat memungkinkan kita untuk dapat akses software Autodesk yang paling sering digunakan selain AutoCAD. Autodesk Education: https://www.autodesk.com/education/edu-software/overview?sorting=featured&page=1&_ga=2.154415416.1619110189.1609154321-1365321043.1608218988 Pastikan kalian menonton videonya dari awal sampai akhir agar lebih memahami step by stepnya. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/arsi_fathur/ Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/arsifathurrahman/ #design #autodeskinventor #autodeskedu #autodeskfusion360 #revit #maya3d #civil3d #3dsmax

Frame Generator Tips : Fixing Your Bridge Construction - Editing Intersection Point

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Frame Generator Tips : Fixing Your Bridge Construction - Editing Intersection Point Frame Generator to create internal frame and external frame assemblies for machines. Frame Generator is available in the assembly and weldment environments. You need a skeleton part on which to insert frame members. You can either: Create a model to use as a frame skeleton and place it in an assembly file (Place Component). Define the structure of a frame in the context of the assembly (Create Component). You can select sketch lines and edges from multiple parts to add to a skeletal part. As you select lines and edges, they are added to a skeletal part in the frame assembly. In the finished frame assembly, each frame member must have a corresponding line in the reference skeleton part. In the process to insert a frame member into an assembly, you select a Frame Member family from the Content Center. Then you define the size, material, and appearance parameters. After you select the frame member, you select one or more edges or a beginning and ending point for placement of the frame member. After you place frame members onto the structure, you add end treatments. End treatments specify the miters and cuts to join them. For a straight frame member with a miter on each end, such as an angled beam between two opposite inside corners, the correct frame length computes automatically. Frame Generator automates both the selection and placement of the standard frame members onto the skeleton or assembly components, and the addition of end treatments. For a frame member with a double miter (miter on each end), such as an angled beam between two opposite corners, the correct frame length computes automatically.


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Hey guys, this is Ritish Hegde, I'm uploading my first ever tutorial, hope you will like it, do share,comment