Autoloader REV01

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AUTOMATICALLY Eject the HARD DRIVE IN THE TRAY INTO THE HARD DRIVE ERASE. Users only need to put the hard drive in the trays. The machine will automatically push the hard drives in the tray to the hard drive compartment of the data erasing machine. WARNING WITH BELL AND LAMP WHEN A PROBLEM IS Detected. THROUGH LOCATION MONITORING SENSORS. When operating due to unexpected problems, the hard drive may get stuck. But thanks to the sensors, the machine can recognize itself to report errors to the user through the bell and indicator light. MANAGEMENT BY SYSTEM. The machines are connected by LAN to each other to send connection completion count and error alert. Make it convenient for users to monitor multiple machines at the same time and report results more conveniently. EQUIPMENT FAN EXTRACTION SYSTEM. Aim to increase heat dissipation for the hard drive eraser.