CATIA V5: Badminton Shuttle

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Hi Designers, This tutorial will show the trick to design overlapped feathered shuttle and also guide you to multi-sectioning and advanced circular patterns. The commands used are: 1 . Shaft (Revolve) 2. Multi section solid 3. circular pattern and 4. pad And many more... The rendering is also done at the end of this tutorial. The CAD file has already been uploaded in Models section. Please like this tutorial if it proved to be helpful. Also, I Provide Fusion 360 andCatia V5. Tutorials free of cost. You can subscribe my channel to get more information. Happy Designing !!

SolidWorks: badminton racket

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I hope this video useful for everyone want to become professional design of engineer I have a channel in youtube about CAD 3D, I hope this useful for you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw_Zp8rsvtI01SnhkM_4FAw