Yacht Design-using Autodesk Fusion 360

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About how to make a simple yacht using forms in Fusion 360.

Boat Hull Design-using Autodesk Fusion 360

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How to design a boat hull using loft in fusion 360.

Junk sail boat | 3d modeling timelapse

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Time lapse 3d modeling of a Junk Sail Boat. Feel free to leave you comments!


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CATIA free basic online training | boat design | imagine and shape ( subdivision surface)

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For more content like this visit Our Site ; 👉 www.thesavvyengineer.com Our Youtube Channel ; 👉 The savvy Engineer : https://bit.ly/2Caeqac

Design a sing with CATIA Sheet Metal 3DXP

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Take a look at our last demonstration showing you the design of a sink inside a boat. It has been made in Sheet Metal Design application in the CATIA 3DExperience. This application based on industry process features, allows you to create quickly a plate that you can bend and add stamp, dowel, bridges, etc This video shows you the full process of design the sink. This sink is inserted into a furniture. The whole desgin is driven by the furniture's pocket. You will see how the sink is created and what happen if the input it modified. The aim of this video is to show you the power CATIA using driven design.

Canadian Canoe

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Design a Crimson Canadian Canoe using Surface Modelling on Autodesk Inventor

How to make freeform canoe hull

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This is very fast way to create canoe 3d model

Quick silver Commander 500 | Time lapse

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Lets go fishing with this awesome Quick silver Commander 500.

Basic surfacing for Boat hull

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Basic surfacing for Boat hull