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CATIA is a software known for surface modelling, here is a small car done using wireframe and surface in CATIA

Solidworks car design project-BUGATTI VEYRON

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Solidworks car design project-BUGATTI VEYRON surface modeling and convert to solid body https://www.instagram.com/mortezapadarlar/

Creating scalable associative geometry/features in NX

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Pinion Gear using Through Curves with associative, scaled geometry (NX9)

Ansys Tutorial - Rigid Body Dynamics W16 Type Engine (Motion Study)

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In this tutorial i have a used W16 Type Engine's Piston Crank Assembly model to demonstrate the use of rigid body dynamics module. 3D Model - https://grabcad.com/library/w16-type-engine-s-piston-crank-assembly-1

Simulation - Landing Gear Model - Airbus A400M (Motion Study)

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Simulation of Landing Gear Model - Airbus A400M using ANSYS software's Rigid body dynamics module

Pattern Trimmed Surface in SolidWorks

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The video shows how to pattern a trimmed surface in SolidWorks.

Ansys Tutorial - Rigid Body Dynamics Beam Engine

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Ansys Tutorial - Rigid Body Dynamics Beam Engine A beam engine is a type of steam engine where a pivoted overhead beam is used to apply the force from a vertical piston to a vertical connecting rod. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beam_engine)

Why when I try to insert a new body in my part design on Catia v5 the first body disappears?

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here is the solution

Convert STL mesh to a Solid Body In Just 3 Minute | Fusion 360 #fusion360

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Convert STL mesh to a Solid Body In Just 3 Minute | Fusion 360 Here you can convert your Mesh file in to Solid model by just some clicks, Note : Only Low facet body can convert to solid body. #Fusion360 #3dprinting

Multi-Body Master Parts

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Using Autodesk Inventor's multi-body part functionality to build robust assemblies.

Simulation Opposite Piston & opposite cylinder

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Simulation Opposite Piston & opposite cylinder using ANSYS.

How to create multiple parts from a single part in Solidworks 2012?

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maybe you should split them and insert them individually in the assembly. Also while splitting you can save them and form an assembly. In school we have been taught this way. But I have done it in Solidworks 2011

How to Create A Red Phone Body

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Basic knowledge on how to use a sketch plane, how to extrude, how to create a simple hole, how to create a rectangle, how to do fillet, how to change appearance, how to use a circular pattern instead of creating the same geometry for multiple times.

Ansys Tutorial | Transient Structural Analysis | Rigid Body Dynamics | Propeller Shaft

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Post your doubts and queries about the mechanical design and finite element analysis works which is uploaded in this channel at https://mechanicalcadandfeasoftwarelearningforum.quora.com/ Follow the above quora space and become a contributor by start posting your questions! And also you can get exclusive model files for practice by posting at the quora space https://mechanicalcadandfeasoftwarelearningforum.quora.com/ Subscribe to this channel to learn more about the mechanical design and fea software https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS0csXfM5cQEiwf0qITE0mA?sub_subcription=1

What is the best/fastest way to import the body files to Keyshot with being able to assign different materials/colors to several places of body?

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If you want to add different colors/materials to different faces on one single body then you have to differentiate the faces in SW before importing it to Keyshot. (Unfortunately Keyshot doesn't support "faces" like Photoview, so you have to assign different colors in SW first - then Keyshot recognizes them as different surfaces). Here is an example how to add different materials to a single body on part cube.