How to design a Steering Knuckle (Request)

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==Request Tutorial== I've spent 3+ hours working on this tutorial just to show you how to design this model in SolidWorks 2016: https://grabcad.com/library/steering-knuckle-2d-to-3d-request-1 Note: The Unit system we'll use is mm.

Fastest way of drawing car rims

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Folow these steps to really quickly create awesome looking car rims for any car . Have on mind these rims won't match 1:1 scale because we will use pictures as references. Also these rims will only look good but won't be functional and usable for real life appliance. Only for renders. Goal of this tutorial is to create a good looking car rim as fast as possible.

Chassis Design Using CATIA

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Chassis Design using CATIA Wireframe > Surface > Solid

Buggy Frame Design in SolidWorks || Frame body design || Pubg buggy

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Design a Buggy Frame in SolidWorks Part by Part in this video. If u want to learn more about SolidWorks and other similar designing software then subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjb_It1BPqwh-vUwKb8fOtg


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CATIA is a software known for surface modelling, here is a small car done using wireframe and surface in CATIA

Designign Buggy in SolidWorks || Buggy Assembly || Buggy design || Pubg buggy

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Assembly of Buggy parts in SolidWorks. If u want to learn more about SolidWorks and other similar designing software then subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjb_It1BPqwh-vUwKb8fOtg

Drawing Honda Civic 2008 in SolidWorks

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Drawing Honda Civic 2008 in SolidWorks all steps (show off) Desenhando Honda Civic utilizando um blueprint no SolidWorks. Todos os passos; 3d model available to download in Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/library/honda-civic-sergio-cad-cam-1 Credits to blueprint found in: https://www.victorbravodesign.com/2017/01/auto-evolucao-honda-civic-lxs-2007.html?m=1 #solidworks #tutorial #steps #car #3dmodel #blueprint

Solidworks car design project-BUGATTI VEYRON

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Solidworks car design project-BUGATTI VEYRON surface modeling and convert to solid body https://www.instagram.com/mortezapadarlar/

Chassis suspension design for sae baja competition in Solidworks from scratch for beginners

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In this video i am going to teach you how to make a simple design for chassis and suspension mechanism in solidworks for sae baja competition the main aim of this video is just to give you rough idea how to design , assemble and mate in solidworks . This video is very helpful for those who are making buggy design in college and don't know how to use solidworks . you will going to learn lot of things like sketching , mirror pattern command in assembly, and much more . this video also how to make your supra design in solidworks.Make sure you like subscribe and share this video to motivate suspension simulation in solidworks tutorial : https://youtu.be/-WN99W8Sdo4 Sae Baja chassis design weldment in solidworks : https://youtu.be/-Td6NVTihKo STEERING MECHANISM SAE BAJA RACK AND PINION automobile from scratch for beginners IN SOLIDWORKS : https://youtu.be/6ng878sLBKA

Car design in NX

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Car design


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Getting started with a CAR design in Solidworks

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Designing a car in Solidworks is a mammoth task and requires lot of time and devotion. It may take marathon hours to finish a car design based on the skill level you are. But whichever level you are there are few things which remain common in designing. This article focuses on getting started with car design in Solidworks. These are the things needed to know before you get started and create your own.

Solidworks tutorial : How to design ford using solidworks surface

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3D MODEL DOWNLOAD LINK https://grabcad.com/library/ford-gt-m... this video is about how to design ford in SolidWorks ###like #######comment

Drawing Ford Ka in SolidWorks

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Drawing Ford Ka in SolidWorks all steps; Available to download in Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/library/ford-ka-sergio-cad-cam-1

Tutorial: How to model a BBS LM wheel in Solidworks and show design intent.

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Well here it is: