How to make core and cavity of complex modles?

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I tried to explain a simple way to create core and cavity with free form surfacing procedure in PowerSHAPE , with this surfacing technique you can make any complicate mold faces for any type of objects, you can replace this technique with your surface commands in solid works , hope you like it , ...

SolidWorks Tutorial: Using Mold Tools Tab to Create Core and Cavity of Mold

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SolidWorks Video Tutorial to learn Mold Tools Tab in SolidWorks. We will make a mold for Round Disc to show you how to make molds in solidworks. we will also add holes for molten metal and air vent.

Split Core-Cavity and Add Interlock

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- After draw Starfruit Basin model ( see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqTg08YkGnA&t=47s ), we will try to create core cavity for this mold. - Use polypropylene plastic with 2% shrinkage to added in this product. - After split core cavity, we need add revolve surface to split cavity for interlock. - Add frre space at 1mm for outer mold as gap.


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MAKE A CORE AND CAVITY (NX TUTORIALS) I"M a beginner... soo don"t hate me.......! heheheheheh

How to Extract Core & Cavity in Siemens NX Without Mold Wizard?

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How to Extract Core & Cavity in Siemens NX Without Mold Wizard https://youtu.be/GqEPlGoA2Js

BLOW MOLD with Neck & Bottom (for DIAMOND BOTTLE)

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This is the tutorial for making molds for diamond bottles in the previous video (https://youtu.be/JIGWCVZB1PU). In this mold there are two cavities, with an additional neck and bottom. Enjoy watching.

MOLD DESIGN || How to Split CORE, CAVITY, SLIDES, & INSERT CORE for Plastic Glass Model

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After draw the Plastic Glass Model (--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyNmyQ3n-bE&t=52s , now I make a mold construction for this model which consists of a core, cavity, insert core and slide. Have a good time watching. Thank you #Mold #SolidworksTutorial

MOLD DESIGN, How to Create Multi Cavity Mold

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How to Create Multi Cavity Mold still uses the tooling split command on the features toolbar. These commands, namely: 1. Scale 2. Parting Line 3. Parting Surface 4. Tooling Split Thanks for watching

#NX MOLD WIZARD #Plastic Cup mold design

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#NX MOLD WIZARD #Plastic Cup mold design

UG nx mould design nx 10

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Injection mould design with UG nx 10

How to Create a split mould in NX?

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Video shows how to create a multi core mould in Unigraphics


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWjm9iYrQMg What is tooling Direction The Tooling Direction is basically the direction that the mold pulls apart. The mold is built in two separate pieces, basically. You have a Cavity side and you have the Core side. The Core pulls apart from the Cavity and that's the Dyeline or the Tooling Direction

Make Hydroponic Pot Mold with Ring Plate to Eject the Product

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After drawing the hydroponic pot (https://youtu.be/pf21SZYoDvM), this time we will make the mold. I hope it's useful!