How to save or transfer imported content center parts

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if you have to redo windows and reinstall inventor or upgrade to a newer version of inventor you loose all the content center parts you imported. in some cases you want to transfer your custom library to a colleague. This is my solution to the problem don't know of any other way.

Leveraging GrabCAD Print (GCP) for Insight job processing

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In this tutorial I'll show you how to easily leverage GrabCAD Print (GCP) for all your FORTUS FDM print preparations. No longer do you need to maintain a stand-alone version of Insight and control center. GCP can be used for all FDM systems including those which take advantage of the advanced processing capabilities of Insight. Advantages of using GCP for Insight job processing: - Always have the latest software - Eliminate the need for maintaining multiple software programs - Take advantage of the advanced functionality and user interface and usability of GCP

Tutorial - Modeling center block (universal joint) in SolidWorks?

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Here is the tutorial.

تصميم اسطمبة تقطيع صاج الجزء الرابع│Blanking Die│

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تصميم اسطمبة تقطيع صاج بواسطة سوليدوركس الجزء الرابع Solidworks Die Design Blanking Die اسطمبة صاج Shank Die center مركز الاسطمبة ------------------------------------------- تصميم اسطمبة تقطيع صاج الجزء الاول│Blanking Die│ https://youtu.be/d6ELj2a0HUU -------------------------- تصميم اسطمبة تقطيع صاج الجزء الثانى│Blanking Die│ https://youtu.be/PVWqLbst65U ------------------------------------------- تصميم اسطمبة تقطيع صاج الجزء الثالث│Blanking Die│ https://youtu.be/oksAiRlTcZg ------------------------------------------- للاشترك بقناة اليوتيوب بالرابط ده : http://bit.ly/2srTfzm -------------------------- موسوعة اعمال واسطمبات الصاج -------------------- انترفيو مهندس الصاج│Part-1│ https://youtu.be/7lOIjFr02vw --------------- انترفيو مهندس الصاج│Part-2│ https://youtu.be/0zCL6dggDyg --------------- انترفيو مهندس الصاج│Part-3│ https://youtu.be/d2wD4EMc3bc ----------------- أنواع الواح الصاج وخاماته https://youtu.be/MP3c2Z9l4l0 ----------------- يعنى ايه اعمال الصاج │Sheet metal works│ https://youtu.be/S5sgAEqJS

How can I find center of a surface in SW?

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This is the only method I know of. This works on ANY face if you chose a face.

Center Punch || NX Tutorials

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This is a tutorial video of a Center Punch made in NX 9 CAD Software. In this tutorial i am going to use different tools and techniques of NX Software to create the 3D model. Don't forget to subscribe for more upcoming videos.

How to Find Center of Mass | Get Projected Area | Siemens NX

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In this video, you will learn to create the center of gravity or center of mass point which will link to our solid model if our model is updated then our center of gravity point will also update automatically. After that we will learn to calculate the projected area of Casting in nx and also learn to extract the projected surface. After that we will project the center of gravity point into the projected surface so that we will get point which we use for tie bar balance in Die Casting During Die Design. Projected sheet and projected in area will help us in Tonnage Calculation in die-casting. I hope you got to learn a lot from this video. If you want to watch NX tutorial and die-casting related videos from our channel then please subscribe to our channel ➡️https://bit.ly/2Ve1olC To Subscribe ➡️Recommended Playlist Die Casting Mould Design Theory ➡️https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqn1PG9MY7LjK08RSkCBC1jfdRYcR-BqU Die Casting Mold Base Design Step By Step | NX Mold Design ➡️https://youtube.com/playlist?

Flächenmomente Schwerpunkte mit Solidworks

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Flächenschwerpunkte und Flächenmomente ermitteln mit SolidWorks in Deutsch Files: Search Anschlagkonsole How do i get the Center of a plane or the area moment