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Please find this link in youtube........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osW5RnYIVoc

How to mention someone in GrabCad (All possible ways)

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I've noticed that many "GrabCad"ers still don't know how to mention each other. Some just type his/her name, while others copy his profile's URL !!! The problem is that every place has it's own way, so I've gathered all possible ways to mention another user in GrabCad.

How to create a pipe 3d in Solidworks ?

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fichier du tutoriel version .IGS & .SLDPRT (2014)

SolidWorks | Challenge 1

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This is the first exercise of the 30 Days Solidworks Challenge. In the next coming days, you will learn all Solidworks 2D and 3D tools that are required for you to start with SolidWorks. Here is the quiz question for this video, Answer it in the comment section. 1. What are the types of measurement units available in Solidworks? 2. What is the benefit of starting your sketch from the origin point? 3. Various planes available for sketching?