Tutorial: How to Model Flexible Water Cooling Tubing.

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How to model PVC tubing for the purposes of PC water cooling models in SolidWorks:

Tutorial: How to Model Flexible Water Cooling Tubing.

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Define cpoint and rpoint in fitting part files Define tube or pipe diameter and other property such as turning radius Start an assembly Open routing and insert new part file Use 3D sketch Solidworks will generate tube or pipe based on rpoint and 3D sketch

LED light Designing, Pressure and cost analysis

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This Tutorial is about the Plastic product injection pressure, weight and cost analysis, fill time, cooling time etc.

Why is the compressor outlet air cold?

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Have you noticed that the compressor air outlet is cold? This is due to the adiabatic process occurring when air is expelled, based on the laws of thermodynamics. Watch the video below for a simple understanding of this process.