Tutorial-How to import points to solidworks from a text file !

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Follow The Procedure Below

How to create accurate model of an Airfoil? -SW-

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Here is the answer:

Importing Airfoil to CATIA V5

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This tutorial contains simple procedure to import airfoil dat file into CATIA Click here for generating dat files or airfoils or download and use java foil https://tracfoil.com/airfoils/index.php?page=en_gnaca click here for more of my tutorial https://grabcad.com/tutorials/catia-v5-generative-sheetmetal-design

Catia Middle Mouse Button Problem version v5R21

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Hi friend first of all, I would like to receive a picture about this issue, I was thinking if you can make, that I sent you, see picture below: When you have time please send us a picture about thi issue, to give you some reccomendations. Best Regards,

creating node with coordinates in staad pro

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let us see a tutorial on creating node with coordinates in staad pro.