Project | Portable hand Fan in solidworks

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Introduction to SolidWorks Routing|HVAC Ducting SolidWorks Tutorial

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Step by Step SolidWorks Routing Tutorial in which you will learn how to make HVAC duct in a building, you will also know how to use SolidWorks design library to assist in HVAC Ducts design in minutes.

Sheet metal Y- Duct

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Sheet metal Y- duct 2mm thick

Need help to draw dog ear duct joint in Inventor

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Hi Lahin Below you can find the link to your part. I really hope to find this helpful enough for your presentation... there are some comment on the description. If you have any further queries please let me know... http://grabcad.com/library/tutorial-complex-shaped-loft-in-inventor-dog-ear-duct-joint-1 Regards Ioannis

SolidWorks 2013, Tutorial to create a Circular to Square Duct,, HD

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watch in the full screen, 1080p resolution! Stop play back and watch as many times as you want! ask questions where stuck! share and subscribe!

Energy-Chain/Cable carier/Cable duct - Inventor 2021 Tutorial

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This tutorial explains about creating Cable duct / energy chain in order this cable can be animated. The application usually in automation industries. #Inventor2021 #EnergyChain #InventorAnimation #Drive adaptivity #AdaptiveComponent #Adaptivesketch #Darkmode #Animation #igus Download the IGUS component here : https://www.igus.com/downloads