SolidWorks Tutorial Part 01 Aluminium Extrusion.

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Topic Cover 1. Sketch ______________________________________________________________ 1.1 Plane 1.2 Line | Circle | Rectangle | Fillet 1.3 Trim | Offset Entities | Mirror | Circular Sketch Pattern ______________________________________________________________ 2. Features 2.1 Extrude Boss/Base ______________________________________________________________ 3. Appearance 3.1 Material Selection 3.2 Appearance Edit ______________________________________________________________

Saving a DXF as a weldment on solidworks

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A short video showing the simple process of making a DXF file into a usable weldment profile on solidworks. The video is short and assumes the user has watched the more in depth video on how to make a custom weldment: https://youtu.be/AW4U82xr1G4 prior to watching this video.

How do i model a curved extrusion like this in solidworks?

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in SW 2014

Best SolidWorks Tutorial #9_My First Part_Mastering Extruded Cut

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This video will guide you how to use the extruded cut feature in Solidworks to make any model you desire. Kindly subscribe for more videos upcoming. If you also have any request please leave a comment below and i will jump right to it. Thanks!!!!


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tutorial SolidWorks n°1: extrusion and removal of material

Extrusion of a self intersecting/open profile

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Normally CATIA does not allow user to extrude an open or self intersecting profile. It is not possible to extrude such profile unless you define a thickness of the extrusion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://catia-tnt.blogspot.com/2017/10/extrusion-of-self-intersectingopen.html -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CATIA V5 - I&S - Extrusion and Fill/Merge Surfaces

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CATIA V5 - I&S - Extrusion and Fill/Merge Surfaces Extrusion is a surface creation tool that allows you to create a new surface by extending an existing surface in a specified direction. The Fill/Merge Surfaces tool allows you to fill gaps between surfaces or merge two or more surfaces into a single surface.

Simple dental implant

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Simple dental implant design using Creo Parametric. revolving | extrusion | helical sweep | blending | rendering