Various Fillet in CATIA

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There are different types and options of FILLET in CATIA, here is a small tutorial of it..!!

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #4

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This tutorial introduces the Construction Mode for constraining sketch geometry and also new features: Polygon, Equal and Fillet (in Sketcher) then Thickness and Polar Pattern (in Part Design).

CATIA V5 CoverPump - Exercise - 2D into 3D Modeling

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In this guide are displayed CATIA V5 steps modeling based on technical drawings 2D into 3D modeling. The 2D drawing is cover pump.

Learn to create simple BOLT in AutoDesk Inventor

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This video is not mine, copyright to the owner CAD CAM TUTORIAL

Full Round Fillet in SOLIDWORKS

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How Full Round Fillet works and when to use it.

Difference in introducing fillet in 2D and 3D medium

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This tutorial highlights the difference in introducing fillets during a sketch (2D) and after an extrude command (3D).


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This video tutorial explains some tips for making a successful fillet. I take a simple example in the form of a lid knob product. Notice at 2:41 minutes, which is changing the lines and arcs to fit splines. Which makes fillet commands at 4:00 and 4:45 minutes much easier.

How to Create A Red Phone Body

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Basic knowledge on how to use a sketch plane, how to extrude, how to create a simple hole, how to create a rectangle, how to do fillet, how to change appearance, how to use a circular pattern instead of creating the same geometry for multiple times.

Draw a radius at the end of a parallel line

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How to draw a radius at the end of a parallel line


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This video is about using solidworks surfacing tool in a very intuitive way to make a water container i hope you all like this, please like the video share the video and subscribe the channel thanks CLICK ON THE LINK https://youtu.be/seDOtoxB4hg TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL

Applying Fillets to all edges in Solidworks

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Tutorial - all edge fillets!

How to use Chamfer, Fillet, Trim command in Siemens NX

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Hello viewers, As many of my viewers suggest me to publish tutorial of sketch. Here it is. Finally, this tutorial will helps those who is starting designing in Siemens NX9. This 2nd part of Sketch video include following sub-commands of Sketch, and rest of sub-commands will be in next part. - Chamfer (No Shortcut) - Fillet (F) - Quick Trim (T) - Quick Extend (E) - Make Corner (No Shortcut) Have any queries? - comment on it. Like my videos if you are satisfied & for more videos, kindly Subscribe my channel. For any commercial discuss please visit www.rinkeshpatel.com Thank You.

Loft to simulate a full round fillet between 3 surfaces

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In cases where 3 surfaces meet together and the goal is to create a full round fillet in-between, the top surface could be used to extract an isocurve that’s then used as a middle profile for a “Loft surface”. The two main vertical surfaces are shortened by the amount of approximate radius (in this example, the radius is 5 mm, because the two main surfaces are 10 mm far from each other) and set to tangent start and end for the loft operation. That would maintain the desired top limit for the rounded surface, though it will not produce a true radius fillet.

Is it possible to mirror a variable radius fillet in SolidWorks? I always get errors

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Here is the tutorial.

SolidWorks - 2D into 3D Modeling

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In this guide are displayed SolidWorks steps modeling based on technical drawings 2D into 3D modeling. Example of exercise/Part Design training. Basic features: Boss-Extrude, Cut-Extrude, Mirror, Hole, Hole with thread, Circular Patern, Rectangular Pattern, Fillet. Basic entities of the sketches: Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle Fillet. Reference elements: Offset plane.