woodwork for inventor and freeform skeleton tutorial

16 2 Beginner
How to model freeform skeleton body to generate sun chair ribs

Freeform surface tool in SOLIDWORKS

3 1 Intermediate
Freeform is a command for manipulating surface in SOLIDWORKS, in this tutorial I will show you how that works.

Tutorial: how to use freeform command in SW

1 1 Beginner
Tutorial: how to use freeform command

Dodge Challenger model using Autodesk fusion 360

1 0 Expert
I made this model of Dodge Challenger using Autodesk fusion 360.

Helix around a freeform object

0 0 Beginner
Create helix around a freeform object.

How to make freeform canoe hull

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This is very fast way to create canoe 3d model

Complex shape

0 0 Intermediate
Creating a freeform complex shape in Rhino.