PolyJet 3D Printing: How to Assign Colors in GrabCAD Print

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When you import a part into GrabCAD Print and you have color options, it'll default to white. This tutorial teaches you how to apply colors using the improved PolyJet panel and Pantone™ Color Library selection tool. This tutorial is great for users with the Stratasys J55, J8 Series and other PolyJet printers.

How to Create Texturing Patterns on FDM 3D Printed Parts

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When producing FDM parts that will be installed in user-facing applications, or when FDM prototypes need to have a more interesting appearance, surface profile and finish are critical. Texturing a part file allows for a unique pattern or design to be built directly into part surfaces, reducing the layer line visibility as well as post-processing time. Coatings and paint can be applied directly to the textured surface to create a finished part.

How to Print Remotely on the Stratasys F123 Series Using Wait For Part Mode

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The new Stratasys® F123™ Series can print industrial-grade, reliable concept models, functional prototypes, jigs, and fixtures. In applications such as these, printer operators will often want to print parts quickly, remotely, and on-demand. That is why this series has a Wait for Part Mode, letting you send files straight to the printer to start building immediately, without needing to select the job manually from the Queue. This tutorial will explain how to use this mode.

How to Lower Your 3D Printer Material Cost Using this Trick in GrabCAD Print

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GrabCAD Print has multiple features that allow you to lower your 3D printer material cost, including making parts hallow, optimizing the orientation, and re-scaling. Learn how to apply these options here!

How to Make GrabCAD Voxel Print Slices Using Matlab

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This tutorial is intended for users who already have a passing familiarity with Matlab and J750 operation. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive lesson on how to use the Matlab software or PolyJet printers. The following is brought to you by Stratasys:

How to Assemble the Stratasys Face Shield

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We know the need for COVID-19 protective equipment is urgent everywhere. That's why we're sharing everything you need to produce face shields with 3D printed visors.

How to Import and 3D Print Assembled Parts in GrabCAD Print

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GrabCAD Print allows you to import multiple file types, including STL files, an assembly of STLs and even VRMLs. But if you're having problems working with complex assemblies, this tutorial will show you how to unlock your assembly so you can separate your parts. Then, you'll be able to make material and color assignments with ease.

JP_002_GrabCAD Print: 下地と核の設定

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Japanese: 日本語 ストラタシス・ジャパンよりGrabCADPrintの機能を紹介します。 「下地と核」の設定について: 外観の素材が透明に近い場合、核の材料設定により見え方が変わってきます。この特性を上手く利用して表現力をアップ、そして有効的に素材を活用していきましょう。

JP_013_GrabCAD Print: バージョン 1.48 新機能のご紹介

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GrabCAD プリント リリース ノートから新機能を紹介します ビルド番号 リリース日 2020/11/17

How to Optimize Parts on a Tray in GrabCAD Print

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Learn how to orient and arrange your parts in GrabCAD Print for the quickest and most efficient 3D printing.

How to Make Complex Material Assignments to an Assembly Using Digital Materials in GrabCAD Print

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The Digital Materials selection pane in GrabCAD Print gives you the ability to create complex 3D print assemblies with a variety of colors and textures -- all on one tray. Learn how to use this tool so you can assign complex material assignments with ease!

JP_003_GrabCAD Print: 「3MF」インポート方法

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Japanese: 日本語 ストラタシス・ジャパンよりGrabCAD Printの機能を紹介します。 「3MFのインポート方法」:3MFの拡張子で保存したCADデータはGrabCAD Print に簡単に取り込むことができます。中間ファイルなどを必要としないため、非常に素早く、快適に作業をすすめることができます。

JP_014_GrabCAD Print: バージョン 1.49 新機能のご紹介

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GrabCAD プリント リリース ノートから新機能を紹介します ビルド番号 リリース日 2020/11/17

JP_015_GrabCAD Print: バージョン 1.50 新機能のご紹介

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GrabCAD プリント リリース ノートから新機能をご紹介します。 ビルド番号 リリース日 2021/1/19

How to Install GrabCAD Print on Your Stratasys J Series Printers

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This tutorial covers how to set up your GrabCAD Print software for your J750 or any other Stratasys printer in the J series.