Tutorial: How to get a helix on a spline/curve/polyline in Catia V5

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The Helix curve function in Catia V5 only allows a helix on an axis or a line. But there is a trick to create a helix on a spline/curve or polyline.


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Hi Guys, Here I have provided an easiest step by step procedure to follow to make any spring using solid works. Go along with the steps and you will able to generate your spring very easily and quick. Thank you, Ejaj Mundra

Autodesk Inventor - How to cut Irregular Helical Groove

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See tutorial below

Tutorial on " How to create spring in Solidworks"

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This tutorial explains " How to create spring in Solidworks". For video tutorial kindly click on following link

How to array straight line along helix curve?

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Here how to do a curve driven pattern

How to cut out a series of Helix to form channels?

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You can use Helix with the taper option to get the same effect.

Tutorial: how to model a spiral in Solid Edge

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The spiral is modeled with a sweep command.

Led helix

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led helix catia

Solidworks advanced tutorials | Working with spiral curve

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How to make spiral curve in solidworks? Learn how to define start angle of spiral? How to set number of turns? And radial distance between turns pitch)?

How to create a cube helix

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This is a cube helix tutorial

How to Create Bolt Nut CATIA V5 - Construction of a Bolt Nut CATIA V5

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in this tutorial i'll show ho to construct Bolt Nut in CATIA using Helix function Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlovXZ9PjRM

Tutorial - Making a herring bone gear in AutoCAD?

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Here is complete video tutorial showing step by step procedure to model herringbone gear in autocad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7nzrRZcR1s

Multi Layer Coil for Heat Exchanger- Making.

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Multi Layer Coil is a tube designed to transfer heat effectively in heat exchanger or other devices. Also I have calculation to prove that this is effective than ordinary single coil for same lengths. Model can be downloaded https://grabcad.com/library/multi-layer-coil-heat-exchanger-1. Native formats are also available.

How to create a spring with surface

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This is a spring tutorial with surface

CATIA online training | how to design a Spherical Helix | tutorial for beginners

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