Importing Airfoil to CATIA V5

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This tutorial contains simple procedure to import airfoil dat file into CATIA Click here for generating dat files or airfoils or download and use java foil https://tracfoil.com/airfoils/index.php?page=en_gnaca click here for more of my tutorial https://grabcad.com/tutorials/catia-v5-generative-sheetmetal-design

What is the best/fastest way to import the body files to Keyshot with being able to assign different materials/colors to several places of body?

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If you want to add different colors/materials to different faces on one single body then you have to differentiate the faces in SW before importing it to Keyshot. (Unfortunately Keyshot doesn't support "faces" like Photoview, so you have to assign different colors in SW first - then Keyshot recognizes them as different surfaces). Here is an example how to add different materials to a single body on part cube.

SolidWorks Tutorial - How to Import Images Quick and Easy

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3D printing files Fusion 360

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3D print any fusion 360 part with the knowledge that you'll gain from watching this short tutorial. Enjoy!

Using a reference image in pro e & creo elements to create a logo or symbol

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Using a reference image in pro e & creo elements to create a logo or symbol

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create logos or symbols by tracing the imported image by following the steps below..