Tutorial - CATIA DMU Kinematics Jet Engine's Variable Inlet Guide Vanes(VIGV) Simulation

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A gas turbine engine in which the angle of the inlet guide vanes can be changed to meet the requirements of the engine-operating conditions. These are normally in front of the first stage of an axial compressor and sometimes in the subsequent stages as well. Normally, they are closed during engine starting and low RPM, but they open progressively as the RPM is increased. At low RPM, the angle of attack of the low-pressure blades is kept moderate to avoid stalling. Variable-inlet guide vanes are not common in front of the turbine. 3D Design VIGV - https://grabcad.com/library/jet-engine-s-variable-inlet-guide-vanes-vigv-1 3D Design Jet Engine - https://grabcad.com/library/jet-engine-with-afterburner-model-1

Modeling of an inlet lip in Rhino 7

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P.S. At the end of my video you will notice that I forgot to improve the flow at the tip between the two split surfaces (easily seen on the curvature graph), which I did after I stopped with the video recording.