Creating a pipe that bends in multiple directions at once in Autodesk Inventor

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Creating a pipe that bends in multiple directions, with the use of 3D sketch

How to create Sprial Shaped Geometry with Intersection Curves in SolidWorks 2020

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3d Sketch is fun but knowing the process of create a 3d curve from 2d sketches give you deep satisfaction :D Learn in this video how to create intersection curve for creating home decor components ;) Part file is available in my facebook group :) Feel free to interact and stay and keep others safe by locking yourself at home. Need any help then you are welcome to join my fb group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2500694070204153/ #SolidWorks #SW2020 #3d #Modeling #SWTutorial #3dCurve #IntersectionCurve #ProductDesign

How can I create an intersection curve in SW?

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Here are two surfaces that I want to have a 3D curve sketch where the two intersect. In this example there are two surfaces bodies used but you can do this with any two faces (even solid bodies) that intersect.

Tutorial - Intersection Curve in SolidWorks?

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Here is the Tutorial.

Intersection Curve Siemens Nx 10

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Intersection Curve Create a curve at the intersection of two unique sets of objects.