How to Optimize Parts on a Tray in GrabCAD Print

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Learn how to orient and arrange your parts in GrabCAD Print for the quickest and most efficient 3D printing.

How to Install GrabCAD Print on Your Stratasys J Series Printers

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This tutorial covers how to set up your GrabCAD Print software for your J750 or any other Stratasys printer in the J series.

3D Printing Flexible Materials: 5 Ways to Apply Agilus30 White to Parts in GrabCAD Print

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Agilus30 is a rubber-like PolyJet photopolymer. Since it holds up well against repeated flexing and bending, it's great for prototypes and concept models such as grips, hoses and handles. But what also makes Agilus30 so great is that it can be printed on its own at a natural durometer value of Shore 30A OR it can be mixed with another material to achieve different shore A values and colors. In this GrabCAD Tutorial, we'll reveal five different ways you can apply Agilus30 White to your parts in GrabCAD Print.