Stealing a Label for use in Keyshot

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Today we see how to "steal" a realistic looking part marking (stamp) for use in a Keyshot rendering. This should apply to other rendering applications too.

Solving Label Issue in KeyShot

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This is a very common occurrence in KeyShot. You place a label in cylindrical projection, and the label is not only seen on the outside of the object, but also on the inside of the object, and this is not what we want. We don't know if this has been fixed in the most recent versions of KS, but if it happens to you, here is a fairly simple solution.

how to add decals to assembly of differnt parts

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I think there is no straight way to do that... I did some digging about it but found nothing satisfying... you've to use the same label twice and match them to the corresponding surfaces...

How to add a label onto a surface in Keyshot without bleedover to other surfaces?

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The following is an easy way to do it in KeyShot itself..Hope it helps...

Adding Drawing view Names automatically w/req formatting in Creo

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In the drawing, when you need to show view label only with single view name, not the duplicating name, you can use the setting as described in this video. In this, you would learn: 1. Formatting View Label to Simplified one. 2. Set the required config settings, 3. Set the required Drawing detail options 4. The advantage of using Aux view in respect of view label.