#Solidworks 2020-Exhaust Manifold

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Hello friends, I will upload a video tutorial on how to design a exhaust manifold in Solidworks 2020 very soon. Wait for the video. Thanks.

SolidWorks Exhaust Manifold

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SolidWorks Exhaust Manifold You can watch the drawing video by clicking the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UrIQo4Rebs&t=18s Hello, I'm Murat BAYRAMOĞLU I graduated from Atatürk University Mechanical Engineering. Instagram : @muratbayramoglu3 e-mail : muratbayramoglu1@gmail.com

Helping Uma...

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This was something we did to explain to a friend how a designer had made a kind of transitional cover from one mouth to two. We made these images to help her understand. I think it will also be useful for many people.