How to Give Your 3D Printed FDM Part the Smoothness of Injection Molding

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This tutorial will demonstrate how you can give your FDM printed part the finishing smoothness of injection molding. The Finishing Touch Smoothing Station can dramatically improve the surface finish of ABS parts that are built using FDM technology. The semi-automated smoothing process is compatible with FDM’s entire line of ABS plastics.

How you create a mold of a piece in SW ?

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This is the answer for a detailed tutorial for this question

It is a simple plastic mold release method.

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It is a simple plastic mold release method. In order to create a simple plastic mold, the model must first be completed. Mold separation line is determined in accordance with the model. Then, as shown in the picture, a female mold is created. After the creation of a female mold, a male mold is created. At the end, the pusher pins are placed to remove the part remaining in the male mold in accordance with the model and the process is completed. These processes are also very simple for mold creation. You can review other models and patterns on my page and use these examples. My request from you is that you like my models while downloading.

How to Extract Core & Cavity in Siemens NX Without Mold Wizard?

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How to Extract Core & Cavity in Siemens NX Without Mold Wizard https://youtu.be/GqEPlGoA2Js

Mold Animation | Plastic Mold | SOLIDWORKS2020 | Keyshot9 | CADable |

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Plastic mold modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2020 and rendered in Keyshot 9. This is simple animation output and not the tutorial. I have attached all files for practice. #plastic_mold​ #mold_animation​​ #CADable​​ For Files: https://grabcad.com/library/mold-exer...​ Kindly Subscribe our Channel for more Videos and Projects in Blender, SOLIDWORKS, Keyshot. Please Like and Share Our Videos. Thanks for Watching. Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CADable​

Rubber Compression Molding

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This explain how a rubber compression mold works

Thực hành khuôn phần 2 -Tạo slide rút ngang

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Video này là bước tiếp theo sau khi bạn đã chọn được mặt phân khuôn cho chi tiết cần đúc - Tạo các slide theo các hướng rút khác không phải hướng Z ( Hướng rút khuôn chính cavity & core)

Thiết kế khuôn phần 3 - Tách Cavity và Core

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Thiết kế khuôn phần 3 - Tách Cavity và Core Tiếp tục sau bước tạo slide là tạo Cavity và Core