How to change origin of view in Catia drafting?

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How to change origin of view in Catia drafting? It will show you how to change origin and axis lines in drawing.

SolidWorks | 2-3 Origins | To Hide/Show the Origin |

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Let's explore the Hide/Show option at the View heading. As a example hide/show the Origin tool. SolidWorks Tutorial. https://youtu.be/SjGPAeYiP4M To know more about fully defined entities also see, SolidWorks | 1-4 Fully Defined Entities | https://youtu.be/k0oCFkwlKps

How to use GrabCAD Print for P3/Origin One Printers

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ANOTHER new technology (P3 DLP resin) comes to GrabCAD Print! This tutorial covers how to access the new Origin One printers in GrabCAD Print during the beta, how to deal with all the new materials P3 allows, and how to set up Origin One prints in Netfabb and send to the printer! Also covered are some Design For Additive Manufacture (DFAM) tips on this new type of Stratasys printer!