What is caustics in Photoworks/Photoview 360?

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For definition caustics are: When light refracts through or reflects off of a surface, these bent rays are focused together, creating a bright pattern referred to as a caustic.(SolidWorks help). In addition to reflective and refractive, there are two other types of caustics: Indirect caustics Caustics created by indirect lighting (scene illumination). Indirect refractive caustics are always on in SolidWorks. Indirect reflective caustics are always off in SolidWorks. Direct caustics Caustics created by direct lighting, including spot or point lights. Directional lights do not affect direct or indirect caustics. Direct caustics are only visible when reflected off a floor appearance or real geometry.

Tutorial : How to add images [Decals] to a 3D model to make realistic renders ?

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Sorry for the delay in uploading the answer. Had problems with the site  I've given a very detailed view so that even beginners can do this with ease 

Why when I try to make a render of a car it looks like it's floating?

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When you select a part, it turns blue (or green or orange) but that's not only what happens, if you check closer you'll see, that ther is a orange wireframe cube around it, and that's it, that's why your floor looks below the part.