How to Make design for Plasma Cutting by Tracing Pictures on SolidWorks Tutorial

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Same video in Urdu / Hindi: https://youtu.be/c3eD060r_2A In this video I will make a design in solidworks for plasma cutting machine. You will know how to Trace pictures in solidworks. How to make linear pattern in solidworks. How to mirror feature in solidworks. .

How to Operate CNC Plasma Machine All Details in 1 Video Urdu Hindi Tutorial

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To operate CNC Plasma you need to know 3 types of softwares. 1. CAD Software : (AutoCad, SolidWorks, Inventor of Corel Draw etc) 2. CAM Software: ( SheetCam or Artcam etc) 3. Machining Software: Mach3 etc. In this video I will design a part in SolidWorks then I will convert it into dxf file, after that I will import that dxf file into sheetcam to genetate g-code for machining and at the end I will run that g-code in mach3 to practically show you how to operate CNC Plasma cutting machine.