3D Modeling of a Polar Rose Using 3DS Max - Part II

2 0 Intermediate
MAKING THE SEEDS: 1. Creating the shape of a seed: a seeds is modeled based on a standard sphere primitive, slightly deformed with a Noise modifier to achieve a higher level of realism. 2. Applying the material to the seeds: the material applied to the seeds is intended to give them an icy effect. Resembling white pearls, they contrast against the background of the fine velvet petals. 3. Creating the material: the setting in Material Editor are shown in the figure in Step 3.

3D Modeling of a Polar Rose Using 3DS Max - Part I

2 0 Expert
PETAL CREATION PROCESS: There are two main methods for modeling the petals as follows: 1. Surface modeling method: draw a 2D surface of suitable shape using the Create > Line tool and a volume to the surface using the Shell modifier. Edge softening is achieved with MeshSmooth modifier. 2. Using Symmetry Modifier: if we are aiming for absolute symmetry of the two halves of the petal, we must use the Symmetry, but this step must precede MeshSmooth. 3. Solid modeling method: place a standard Plane primitive in the workspace (Perspective Viewport). The desired shape is obtained by selecting and moving vertices. The remaining steps of shaping the desired form are analogous to those of the method described at the beginning of the tutorial. 4. Clone the petals: using Pivot > Affect Pivot Only, where by default the pivot point is at the center of the base of the object. In this case, a total of five rows of four petals are modeled. They mus be grouped by Group so that they do not move during further work.