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Here we are find the forces as well as pressure exerted on fan blade at the wind speed of 60kmph by using of ANSYS

#4 Static Structural Analysis of Cylindrical Pressure Vessel | ANSYS | ABIS CADDworks ABIS CADDworks

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Static Structural Analysis of Cylindrical Pressure Vessel

Rectangular Plate with a Uniform Pressure Load

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In this vedio we will see a uniformpressure load in a rectangle plate 1. Create geometry 2. Apply constraints 3. Apply pressure load 4. Define required results 5. Solve 6. Examine Results 7. Generate Report

Designing Axial Static O-ring Grooves to "Industry Standards"

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This Covers 2/3 of everything I know about designing O-ring seals. I frequently used these while designing production tools. Most the design is based on the standards that are put forth by SAE. Personally, I be going over the reiteration by Parker since it's what I learned. Other references include the Apple Rubble Product and Trelleborg for their proprietary O-ring Gland Calculators, and the help they gave me in building my own. Links to their websites are found in Section 5. All design in this lesson is for "Static Axial Design under normal conditions”. Disclaimer: while I have completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering and have passed the FE, I am not a PE. While these calculations are standard, published, and I personally have used these practices to design multiple high-pressure tools, I cannot guarantee that they a perfect. If you are in doubt, in a hazardous environment, or using in an application that could cause harm to life, I would suggest double checking with other sources (engineering) and/or extensive testing. Also, my experience is in Oil and gas, in the continental USA. You may notice my practices being bias to API standards and in English Units, I suggest you take all I say with a grain of salt. Lesson Plan: Step 1: Background and Definitions Step 2: Finding a Published O-ring Gland and incorporating it into a design. Step 3: Designing Custom Groove using the Standards Step 4: Other Design Recommendations and Drafting Example Step 5: References and Useful links A copy of the files can be found at: https://grabcad.com/library/how-to-design-an-o-ring-gland-to-industry-standards-parts-and-photos-1

LED light Designing, Pressure and cost analysis

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This Tutorial is about the Plastic product injection pressure, weight and cost analysis, fill time, cooling time etc.

Variable Pressure Load in Ansys Workbench (APDL Code)

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How to achieve a variable pressure load in Ansys Workbench (APDL Code)

torispherical ASME CAP-END inner pressure analysis solidworks

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hi everyone. in this video you will learn that how to use solidworks simluation tab and study on ASME B16.9 CAP to show HAZ(heat affected zone) and inner pressure analysis. you can download the CAD file and improve your skills in FEA CAD file download for alanysis : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z6U2CWLERTKJLOGvjyB9p5-is9WtoIXM/view?usp=sharing thanks for any comments and likes wich help me to improve my project and video. please subscribe in my channel.

Ansys workbench tutorials 107 | Structural analysis of pipe under pressure

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A long and straight hexagonal pipe is subjected to internal pressure of 20MPa. Evaluate maximum in plane deformation and stresses using ansys workbench. Calculate factor of safety using von mises stress theory as failure criteria.

Solidworks simulation 130 | Structural analysis of Pipe under pressure

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Solidworks simulation study of a pipe under pressure due to fluid flow. Structural analysis of a pipe made of stainless steel under internal pressure will be carried out to check total in plane deformation as well as von mises stress induced due to pressure of internal fluid flowing inside of pipe.

Pressure Gauge

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Pressure Gauge || Vacuum Gauge