Tutorial-How to export points from solidworks to a excel file!

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the macro below used for exporting points from sketch to excel !

Inventor 2019 Crash Course for Complete Beginner

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Still spending so much time, struggling with learning Inventor on your own? You can stop now! Get a detailed explanation of every single tool. This is the first of a series, and I'll like you to check below to know what to expect in this volume. In this Tutorial, I shall introduce briefly the Inventor 2019 interface, demonstrate how to access the inventor self-help learners path, demonstrate the way to set up the software with your desired Unit style, and then put in my best to handle every single sketch tool in detail.

How to insert a picture in SOLIDWORKS?

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How to insert a picture in SOLIDWORKS?

How to create a rim of an Audi R8 ?

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Creating a pipe that bends in multiple directions at once in Autodesk Inventor

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Creating a pipe that bends in multiple directions, with the use of 3D sketch

Modeling an Apple on SolidWorks

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This is a tutorial showing how to model an Apple on SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Basic Surfacing Exercise Using Trim Tool

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In this video, we are going to understand how we can approach for creating a surface model. The trim tool is explained and used to create this model.

Close loop.

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Close loop. Sometimes when you try to extrude or revolve a sketch, you only can select lines instead of a surface. This is a very simple example, it just explains how you can close a loop. You can see that the sketch is not fully constrained in the beginning. That is the first thing you have to check. In the beginning that you learn Inventor all your sketches should be fully constrained. I' am sure there are other ways to fix an open loop.

How to create accurate model of an Airfoil? -SW-

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Here is the answer:

Fusion 360 Tutorial for Absolute Beginners: Introduction to Basic Sketch Modeling (2020) Part 1

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#Fusion360 #Fusion360Tutorial #AutodeskFusion360 Introducing Autodesk 360! In this beginner lesson tutorial, we will learn the basics of creating 1D lines, which create 2D shapes and eventually 3D parts. We will explore the sketch tool, rectangle and extrusion tools, then the revolve tool to create 3D parts.

Learn to create simple BOLT in AutoDesk Inventor

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This video is not mine, copyright to the owner CAD CAM TUTORIAL

How to trace a picture or image in catia in another easy way using Sketch Tracer

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Easy method to create a trace of an object or a picture

Converting 2D DXF File to 3D Model in SolidWorks

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This is a Solidworks tutorial teaching you how to convert a 2D projected views to 3D Model. It covers the following: Import DXF file to Solidworks, Copy from Sketch to another, Move intities, Extrude, Extrude Cut.

[VIDEO] Solidworks Tutorial for Beginners #37: Make Path. [2019]

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Tutorial 37: This tutorial is to demonstrate how to use the Make Path tool.

Split body in SolidWorks

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Split body feature and how it works.