SolidWorks Best Practice Tips 01

35 9 Beginner
This is a collection of "best practices" and "tips" when using SolidWorks. We have compiled them over time. Not all of them are of our authorship, as more experienced users have made huge contributions on this subject. We hope you find this series useful. From time to time we will be posting more tips and advice for a more fruitful and professional use of SolidWorks. Stay tuned!

Want to Improve your Modeling Skills in SW?

23 5 Intermediate
This, more than a tutorial, is a series of recommendations to improve your SolidWorks modeling skills. We cannot forget that if we are on the road and it has become easier, it is because others have already walked it and contributed their share to the evolution of us. List of some SolidWorks Masters from whom we should learn: Thomas Parel https://www.coroflot.com/parel/Portfolio1 Edward Eaton (Dimonte Group) https://dimontegroup.com/projects/mistronics-advantage-housing/ https://dimontegroup.com/projects/natus-echo-screen-iii/ https://dimontegroup.com/news-resources/ Mike J. Wilson https://www.mikejwilson.com/otw.html Paul Salvator http://www.zxys.com/swparts/ http://www.zxys.com/ Rob Rodriguez https://www.axiscadsolutions.com/#portfolio TRIAXIAL (Design and Analysis) http://www.triaxialdesign.com/consumer-products/

Rare Bottle 06262021

20 8 Intermediate
Learn how to model our Rare09262021 bottle. You can download the files here: https://grabcad.com/library/rare-bottle-09262021-1

Introduction to Blow Mold design in SW

17 4 Intermediate
This is an introduction to blow mold design using SolidWorks. The recommended workflow to successfully accomplish the design and modeling of a fundamental production tool in today's industry.

SolidWorks Best Practices Tips 02

16 0 Intermediate
Second part of the collection of best practices and tips for a better and more satisfactory use of SolidWorks.

Chess Knight

15 7 Expert
Modeling Breakdown of our Chess Knight. You can download the model here: https://grabcad.com/library/chess-knight-13

Mandalorian Helmet

10 0 Intermediate
This is a tutorial on how to model our version of the Mandalorian helmet. The model was done very fast, less than an hour, and we didn't worry so much about the measurements but the proportions. We didn't do a lot of details, just the basics to present it to a group of students. Anyway I think it can be useful for some SW colleagues. You can download the 3D model here: https://grabcad.com/library/mandalorian-helmet-11

Surfacing With SolidWorks

9 8 Beginner
This is a short course on 3D modeling in SolidWorks using surfaces. Surfaces have many advantages for modeling objects aimed at the general consumer market (bottles [plastic, or glass for perfumes and beverages], phones, watches, hand tools, power tools, etc.). The course will be divided into several parts. We will try to cover from the basics, to the more complex use of surfaces. Stay tuned for the different parts of the course. Enjoy!

Surfacing With SolidWorks 07

9 0 Beginner
Chapter 7 of our mini course. SKETCHING FOR SURFACING PART 1. As the saying goes: The better the sketch, the better the surface. Making good sketches for surface modeling is fundamental, so we will produce high quality surfaces on our models. Don't miss part 2!

Surfacing with SolidWorks 02

9 0 Beginner
This is chapter 2 of our mini-course dedicated to surface modeling in SolidWorks. Do not miss any of the chapters, because we are going to learn how to model wonderful and practical objects.

Surfacing With SolidWorks 09

8 0 Beginner
This is chapter 9 of this Mini Course. Here we discuss more auxiliary tools for surface modeling. After this chapter we will do several modeling exercises to put into practice what we have learned. Don't miss it!

Hunting Knife..

8 0 Intermediate
Modeling Breakdown of the Hunting Knife that we modeled a few years ago as a 3D modeling challenge. Many surface and solid modeling techniques are used in SolidWorks. We hope it will be useful in learning SW. You can find the 3D files here: https://grabcad.com/library/hunting-knife-16

Surfacing With SolidWorks 05

8 0 Beginner
This lesson completes the study of the Boundary Surface command. There are still some points to be covered, but they are more advanced and we will do this in a more advanced stage of this mini course. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

Surfacing With SolidWorks 08

8 0 Beginner
This is chapter 8 of the course. We deal with Curvature and Continuity of Splines. As well as best practices when sketching them. Don't miss the next chapters.

Surfacing With SolidWorks 16

8 0 Intermediate
This time we will see how to use 3D Sketches to make profiles and guide curves to create surfaces. Also how to use them to make auxiliary surfaces to reference them for tangency and curvature. And we will see how to use the excellent tool of the multiple views to work more comfortable in the three dimensional space. Don't miss the next lesson...