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Created by tomas omalley on 14 June, 2018

FEA Simulation HELP!

How to perform FEA analysis on multiple parts in contact? for example: there is an asymmetric shaped beam as part 1, and a clamp as part 2, the goal is to clamp the beam and to see how much force the clamp exert on the beam. How would I implement it in Solidworks?

1 Answer

I always recommend finding the weight/pressure Exerted and then applying the same as Force or Pressure (with your desired Units) on the individual parts. This drastically reduces the "Resource Consumptions" like processor, memory and space consumptions that would be required to store temporary files generated during Processing (the second part of Analysis) as each node of the elements is acted upon by various polynomials of the applied numerical method. So lesser the solid mass, lesser the elements and the time & resources consumed.