conversion of STL file into IGES Format for FEA Analysis using ABAQUS

Hello Everyone,

I am in need of assistance from someone who can help me in conversion of stl file into IGES for FEA Analysis.
I would be very much glad for the understanding. Looking forward to hear from someone soon.

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A quarter model still takes forever to process. I don't think the world is ready for porous structures. Faster computers are needed first.

thank you fred for the assistance. I Don't know about the world, But I need to solve this issue.

I don't think I'm going to be able to repair this model. Converting a mesh to a surface never goes smoothly, and the results are never what anyone wants.
The STL data is fine. Converting the mesh into a surface is where the problems begin.
I've attached two screenshots.
The Design X image shows a number of gaps that it is unable to form a surface over. I've marked the locations with red arrows. If these were holes in an STL file they would be difficult to repair. Fixing these holes in a surface model is more difficult.
Exporting the Design X surface as an IGES file allows it to import into SolidWorks. Here each blue edge in the image is an open gap.

It may be possible to manually recreate many of the gaps with the surfacing tools, but it will be hours of effort.

Well adam,
You are right, repairing individual holes will consume lot of time, and secondly it is not an easy way.
I am using Geomagic from the morning and try to figure it out if it will be possible.
As far as I know geomagic is the only software which can resolve the problem.
But I think there must be problem in any of the step
Detect contours- construct pat – repair patches – construct grid – fit surfaces.
Can you please want to give one more shot on repaired stl file? Might be it will work out.

The images I posted today are the results of working with the new STL file. The STL file is a good model without any holes. The holes are introduced during the fitting of surfaces over the mesh to create the surface/iges file.

hey adam, can you please guide me which software would be best fit and easy for the creation of holes.

I really don't know. If it were holes in a mesh model, I'd use Materialise Magics, Geomagics Control, or Geomagics Design X.
Since you need to repair holes in a surface model, my best guess is SolidWorks, but that is only because it is the software I use the most. Other programs might have better repair/editing tools to try and fix the surface data.

Is there any way to form the mesh as a surface instead of starting with an STL file? Converting a mesh to a surface always leads to problems.

Everything have solution, I am sure there must be way to perform the mesh as a surface.
Well when I open the model in FEMAP, I see holes some part is missing. As you can see in the picture attached below. I already performed the FEA on STL file, but result is not what we were expecting, and secondly this is not the geometry. Therefore,I want to convert this file into geometry and perform FEA afterwards. The converted file you gave me was almost complete, just 8 or 9 spot are missing, rest the whole geometry is super awesome. If I am able to complete the geometry, my 80 % problem will be solved.

Anyone solve this problem?
Converting stl into IGES for ABAQUS? That's what I am looking.