what is the use of sub type " bulk " & " composite " while creating a new part in pro-e

when i select composite i have to open some part but what after that

1 Answer

About Composite Design
The design of a composite part begins with a surface on a Pro/ENGINEER model. The
composite part is a distinct Pro/ENGINEER entity based on the existing model
surface. The composite part consists of plies and core material added to the surface,
with beads and flanges to stiffen and connect the plies. Once all the material is
added, the part can be solidified, analogous to being cured, to bind all the material
together into one solid part.
To document the composite part, two types of drawings can be made: drawings that
document the design part itself, showing dimensions, a bill of materials of the plies
involved, and so on, or a drawing that automatically shows the material added with
each sequence.

A Harness is a part model comprising of routed wires, cables, and bundles in an assembly
with all of their necessary parameter information.