wat is the use of creating cosmetic threads in proe?????

giv and example

5 Answers

Not sure about pro-e, but in many other 3D software, Catia V5 for example, adding cosmetic thread in model means automatic thread detection in drafting, you may have to just check the option is enabled in drafting..

when u create a standers hole and u want to see thread in 2D view this time cosmetic threds use this is only see in 2D and wire frame model

please let me know whether the cosmetic groove will have the effect in ansys workbench? pls its a urgent requirement

Cosmetic threads can be called upon in drawings. Cosmetic threads also reduce the strain on your graphics and processing as helical surfaces modeled in space are very taxing. Imagine the difference in performance with an assembly with 200 fasteners with all modeled helical threads vs a light weight cosmetic threads. Cosmetic threads can be your friend.