What would be the ultimate supercar or sports car to use for a surface modeling and rendering tutorial?

I want to start a video tutorial project showing step by step instructions on how to model a supercar or sports car in Soliworks using advanced surface modeling. The second part of the tutorial will be on Rendering the car in KeyShot. I would like to know what the most popular car would be for this project.

2 Answers

This sounds like one awesome tutorial you are going to be doing Anthony shame it is in SW
Who knows might move over to the dark side of CAD software and have a little blast @ your tutorial when it get's uploaded....
Hmmmm would have to be a an Aston Martin DB5 great old British classic super car that just oozes sex within them contour lines and sexy shape body.

Thanks William. The DB5 is stunning classic. Definitely worthy for consideration. I see you are an Inventor man. I am sure that the same modeling principles apply in Inventor, just that the tools are somewhat different in Solidworks.