1D Thermal Conduction Simulation in solidworks for beginners

BLOG LINK FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING : https://www.engineerknow.com/2021/03/1-d-conduction-simulation-in-solidworks.html

in this video u will learn how to do thermal simulatin 1d conduction in solidworks and how to find the value of heat flux in solidworks it very important in engineering point of view to know the temperature and u will also learn how to plot different graph in it
rope wire animation : https://youtu.be/_i8DKxun7kk
non linear simulation : https://youtu.be/qSp1WSrwpJg

solidworks mechanical project playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjExndY7KnkB3VnXJVsTapEhH-5uqAB_z

  1. Step 1: