Circular Blade

In this tutorial, we will see how to make a basic circular blade. This is a very basic tutorial. Just to understand how extrude command works. Hope you will like this tutorial.

For more, please follow:

  1. Step 1: Draw Blade

    A. Draw the Shape of the blade.

    B. Extrude The Sketch.

    C. Draw Circls for screw.

    D. Extruded Cut The Circle.

    E. Final shape:

  2. Step 2: Draw Frame

    A. Sketch.

    B. Extrude The Sketch.

    C. Sktech The Outer base.

    D. Extrude The Sketch.

    E. Fillet

  3. Step 3: Draw Screw

    A. Sketch Circle.

    B. Extrude The Sketch.

    C. Sketch Outer Base.

    D. Extrude The Sketch.

  4. Step 4: Final Output

    A. Render View.

    B. Explode View.