How to add text in part /surfacing workbench?

This tutorial is meant for learning the procedure for adding text into a part body.

  1. Step 1:

    Many times when we design some part of our own, we love to add our name on it and make it look like it's engraved on part. However, it's not easy to sketch each and every letter. Follow this tutorial for adding text to the part body and make use of it to pocket or pad.

    Step 1. Open drafting workbench. Use text command and type the text you want to use in part body

    Step 2. After adding text, go to File-->Save as-->File type DXF-->save..

    Step 3. Load the saved file in catia and select the text using mouse and copy the same.

    Step 4. Go to the part, select the plane or the face on which you want to add the text and click on the sketch option and paste the text.

    Step 5. Exit the sketcher workbench and you are ready to use the text.