How to prevent models from being cut in PhotoView 360

While rendering with PhotoView 360, the Final Render might show your model cut - from below - as if a plane sliced through it, although the Integrated Preview (in SolidWorks) shows your model perfectly.
I had this issue a couple times, so I thought that others might have it too.
So here I'll show you how to fix this problem.

  1. Step 1: Problem Details

    This is how the model looks like in the "Integrated Preview".

    As you can see, the model is perfect.

    But this is what you'll get in the "Final Render".

    As you can see, the model is cut from below.

  2. Step 2: DisplayManager

    Open the "DisplayManager" tab (the last tab in the FeatureManager Tree), then open the "Scene, Lights, and Cameras" pane.

    Right click on the "Scene" folder, then choose "Edit Scene".

  3. Step 3: Editing the Floor

    Under "Floor", adjust the "Floor Offset" till the floor doesn't intersect with the model.

    Pro Tip: Clicking on the "Offset to Geometry" button automatically positions the floor of the scene right under your model 😉

  4. Step 4: Comparing the results

    This is how the rendering looks before and after changing the floor's offset.