How to Print EML File? Know Here

In this article, We will give an informative solution on how a user is able to convert EML File into PDF Format and take print of that PDF File.

  1. Step 1: How to Print EML File ? Know Here

    In this article, we will give an informative solution on how a user is able to convert EML File into PDF Format and take print of that PDF File. Also, we will explain two methods that how you will be able to Print EML Files by elaborating manual and automated solutions.

    An EML file format is commonly used in POP3 Email Clients. EML is an abbreviation of (Email Message). Almost all email clients support EML Files with RFC-822 Internet Message Format Standard.

    Now, we are going to elaborate on both manual and automated methods that a user is able to how to Print the EML File 

    How to Print EML File - Manual Approach

    • Firstly go to the location where your EML Files are stored and select the desired file. 
    • Click the Open button > Open with > Word with extended menu.
    • Open MS Word, click on File > then select the save as button 
    • After clicking on Save As Option, open the Dropdown and click on the .pdf format option.
    • Hit on, save button.

    Drawbacks of using this method 

    • If a user is having multiple EML files, then it is quite a difficult and tiresome task while working with the manual method 
    • By this method, you can only print one PDF file at a time, so it takes your precious time.

    Apart from this method, there is a power-pack application named SysTools EML To PDF Converter which has a lot of amazing features. 

    How To Print EML File TO PDF File - Professional Method  

    This tool is the best and error-free automated solution that converts multiple EML Files in PDF format along with attachments. Without losing a single piece of information you can bulk print EML file(s) or folder(s) into PDF format in a hassle-free manner. This application supports and is functional with all the versions of the Windows operating system. The biggest benefit of using this application is that a non-technical user is able to run this application without any discrepancies.

    Processing Steps for Converting EML to PDF File Forma

    • Download the Application EML To PDF Converter.

    • Here, For Quick Process: Just click on the checkbox containing EML files and then click on “EXPORT” to instantly begin converting EML files.  

    • Otherwise, select the EML file folder and you are able to view it on the right pane of the software.

    • Here, the application will give you different preview modes like attachments, Hex, HTML, Normal Mail View, etc.

    • Now if you want to convert selected emails then click on the “Export Selected” option. and if you want to export all the added files then, click “Export”

    • Select the “PDF” Option and later click on “Advanced Settings”

    • After clicking on Advanced Settings, it gives you several filtering options: Naming Conventions: In this, you can provide the name of the resulting files as per your preference.

    Date Filter: You can add the date range.

    • By clicking the checkbox you can “Include Internet Message Header”  

    Other filters include Page layout, Bates number format, date stamp, etc. 

    • Hit on, “Browse” then select your desired path where you want to save your PDF File. 

    • Click on “Export” and now the software will start the exporting process.

    • Hit on, Save to Save the Export Report

    Now that your files are converted successfully we have to print them. So, the adjacent part of the article includes the easiest way to print the files.  

    Print Converted PDF Files 

    • Open the folder where your PDF is stored.
    • Choose “File” which you want to Print then Open with “Adobe PDF” then In Dialog Box select “Print Option”
    • Click on “OK” 


    In the above content, we have discussed the methods using which a user can print EML Files. Both manual and automated solutions are provided to first convert the EML files into PDF and then print them.