How to Raise Your GrabCAD Score

Your score on GrabCAD is not terribly important, but it is nice to have a better score, and not be "ranked" dead last on a site with four million users.

What can you do to increase your score?

  1. Step 1: What is Your Score

    Find your current score by viewing your profile page.

    Here you will also find some other useful statistics about your account.

  2. Step 2: What is Your Ranking

    Your ranking can be determined from the Engineers tab.

    GrabCAD has 100 ranked pages which shows the first 1,200 users (out of nearly 4,000,000) sorted in order of their score.

    Page 1 averages are heavily skewed due to the highest scoring members. The average is 157,938 per user.

    Page 50 averages about 5,500 points

    Page 100 averages about 2,900 points

    I was on page 50 when I decided to improve my score. In three months I nearly doubled my score, and bumped myself to page 27.

  3. Step 3: How to Get Easy Points

    GrabCAD wants you to explore the site and try new things. You get some bonus points the first time you do something new.

    Your first download of a model will give you +3 points.

    Your first like of someone’s model is another +5 points.

    Follow your first engineer to receive +10 points.

    Leave your first comment to a model, question, tutorial or anything to add another +15 points.

    Your first upload of a model gives a big jump of +40 points!

    Your first question you ask gives you +5 points.

    Your first answer on anyone’s question gives you another +10 points.

    Your first tutorial is a great way to give back to the community and gives you +20 points!

    Do the above items, and you'll have 108 points under your belt, and a sense of how things work.

  4. Step 4: How to Get Points (Upload)

    Hard points are just like "easy points", except nobody is giving you a bonus for doing it the first time.

    If you go back to the Engineers section, you'll also notice the "CAD Models" count each member has uploaded.

    Uploading models is pretty much the best way to boost your score.

    Upload count average for page 1 is 562 per member

    Upload count average for page 50 is 54 per member

    Upload count average for page 100 is 30 per member

    You can increase your points by following a few simple steps:

    Uploading a model does not get you anything. Having your model downloaded gets you nothing. What you want are "likes".

    Go to the Library tab and sort by the Most Downloaded, and Most Liked of all time. See the types of models people download and like the most. This will give you an idea of what other members think is "best".

    Notice that the most popular models have nice renderings to go with them.

    If someone renders a model for you, make it the default image on the model page. Rendered models get downloaded and liked more often.

    You never know what people will like , so it doesn't hurt to upload everything you can.

    Your profile page can also become a timeline showing your early days of tutorial models, all the way up to that sports car you finally figured out!

    Which image catches your eye the best?

  5. Step 5: How to Get Points (Marketing))


    You need your models to be seen by other GrabCAD members.

    The best way to market yourself, is liking and commenting on other peoples models.

    When I get a like, I appreciate it. When I get a like AND a comment on a model, I take notice of the person, and I'll go look at their model pages to see what they are up to. That often leads me to press "like" on several of their models.

    Comments don't need to be long. A simple "Great!" can be enough, but I think it can work even better if it comments directly on the actual model, "Great. I love the way the fenders have the realistic scratches in the paint!".

    You can also get noticed in other areas on the site.

    Answer some questions if you know your stuff. You don't get many points from "it worked" clicks, but people will see you posting, and check out your work.

    Create tutorials. Again, not many people bother with the "Like" button, but it gets you seen.

    If you can get a model in the default "Popular This Month" page of the library, you can anticipate a large amount of downloads and likes (i.e. points). Marketing, and having people see your model is the first step to getting it liked.

    Getting on the "popular" page seems to occur when your model is downloaded a lot, liked, and commented on. If someone comments on your model, be sure to comment back, it can't hurt, and it shows how polite you are.

    Sameh's diamond says "un-rendered models, are like a diamond in the rough"

  6. Step 6: How to Get Points (File Types)

    To get likes, you need to upload CAD data. I've seen some great posts where someone uploaded some jpg or png files. Those are nice, but not very useful.

    When uploading, remember that there are many CAD programs. Don't just upload a single CAD model in the native format, add a Step, or Iges file so other people can make use of it as well. If they can use it, they can like it!

    If you are uploading assembly files, remember that you most likely need to upload the associated part files with it as well.

    Shahadat's knife says "Take a stab at improving your score"

  7. Step 7: Bonus Points

    These won't apply to everyone, and are not requirements, but from what I have seen, they can help your score.

    Post in English. The majority of this site is in English, a quick run through Google Translate is enough. I don't think anyone expects perfection, but it does increase your audience.Sadly, you get no points from a download, only likes count. If you get a 10:1 ratio, you are probably lucky. Just remember to press the like button yourself when downloading (and leave a comment). The people who download without a like or comment, are not pushing anyone to their own models (it is also a bit rude).

    Shraddha's chess set says "Make a move to improve your score today!"

  8. Step 8: Conclusion

    Your GrabCAD score doesn't say a lot about you, don't take it too seriously.

    But, by creating models, rendering images, answering questions, and posting tutorials, you are essentially getting better at your job or hobby.

    The work you post might also save someone from having to recreate it in the future, or they might study your model and become a better engineer, designer, or CAD user.

    Unless you are uploading amazing models that everyone loves, your score will increase slowly. I think my best week saw a gain of 1,000 points. Take it slow, and upload models that you enjoy building.

    If you have some favorite tips for boosting your score, please add them in the comment section below!

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