Marine-style Prop

This is an intermediate level design tutorial, geared towards the workflow of developing a 3-blade RH prop profile but may be used for developing other prop designs. As such, this tutorial is not so much dimensionally driven as it is, procedural in nature. You will no doubt have your own constraints to work within.

  1. Step 1: Starting goal

  2. Step 2: Create your basic blade profile

  3. Step 3: This being a parameterized model, used to build other configurations, the configurable dims are shown

  4. Step 4: Blade extrusion

  5. Step 5: Inner string creation

  6. Step 6: Outer string creation

  7. Step 7: Initial surface creation (through curves)

  8. Step 8: Offset surface creation (sets blade thickness)

  9. Step 9: Trim away top of blade (optional: extrude up TO surface)

  10. Step 10: Trim away bottom blade surface

  11. Step 11: create center, revolved section

  12. Step 12: Array blade

  13. Step 13: Fillet blade root & blade edges

  14. Step 14: Finished blade (build internal features to suit your output shaft)

  15. Step 15: Output receiver