Radius Make your 3D Design Look Good

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Radius and Fillet Make your 3D Design Look Good. When You Use Radius and Fillet on your 3D Design then You Can See Nice Material and lighting Effects after Rendering.
How to Make Your CAD Design Look Good?
রেডিয়াস ব্যাবহারে কি ভাবে ডিজাইন দৃষ্টি নন্দন হয়। ছোট ছোট বিষয় গুরুত্ব দিলে আপনার ডিজাইন হবে আকর্ষনীয় ও সঠিক।

  1. Step 1: Radius Make Design Look Good

    A radius is usually used for two reasons:

    To smooth out sharp corners on a design to make the design safer and more comfortable for handling.

    Rounding of sharp corners for plastic injection molding purposes so the outside corners of the part can fully fill and also helps prevent cracking of the inside corners of the part.