can you give drawing models with dimensions to practice?

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can you give drawing models with dimensions to practice?

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practice models

Tutorial:How to model Hook in Pro/ENGINEER?

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Here's the answer for it.. Step 1

How to use Welding

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In the ProE and Creo is possible to create different types of Welds. System automatically calculate with used materials and Weld process. This information is possible to show in the Weld symbol and drawings.

Tutorial: Welding In Proe

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Welding in Pro E (Creo 2)

how to make pattern along a curve?

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The answer is here.

How to model a Mercedes-Benz Logo in proEngineer?

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Just thought of adding a tutorial of modelling a Benz logo in proEngineer.:) Enjoy..http://grabcad.com/library/mercedes-benz-logo...D file for learning...

Tutorial: Modelling spring having any given trajectory in Pro/E

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Download Model: http://grabcad.com/library/given-trajectory-spring

How to analyse Pro Engineer component in Ansys 10.0 welding property?

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u can weld through following step in workbench There are one "WELD" option in geometry. there u can create weld

Helical pattern of holes in pro-e.

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I hope, this will be useful for you

Smoking Shelter

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Building the smoking shelter. I have full workshop drawings for making all of the parts. Contact me at gbm60@hotmail.com if you are interested in making the first real one.

Top down assembly with skeleton model in pro engineer.

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following general steps to make top down assembly from skeleton model

how to roll back the model in proe5, is there any way like solid works

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See pic.

How to Copy-Paste parameters from one part to another in Pro-E?

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It doesn't the parameters if there is a parameter which has a restriction. I've deselected those parameters and copy and paste the rest into the part. You will have to create the restricted parameters yourself.

How to optimize time during sketching in Pro-E/Creo ??

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Well I've started with sketching tips in pro-e/creo, which often come handy when I use pro-e/creo elements.Then I'll move on to some feature base tips.So lets not waste time and get started.Its easy and will take minimal time...