Solid Edge Tutorials | How to use Lip or Groove feature for Plastic Design

This Tutorial show How to use Lip feature for Plastic Design in Solid Edge

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  1. Step 1: How to Creates a lip or groove on a part

    Creates a lip or groove on a part. You can specify whether material is added to form a lip, or removed to form a groove. The cross section shape cannot be changed. Only the dimensions that control the size of the rectangular cross section can be modified.

    Video show Creates a lip or groove on a part

  2. Step 2: Selecting edges

    The first step in adding a lip or groove feature is to specify which edges to add it to.

    You can select the edges individually, or you can select a chain of edges. The edges must be connected.

  3. Step 3: Defining the shape and direction

    After selecting the edges, type the feature height and width in the command bar

    boxes. A dynamic representation of the feature is displayed. Move your cursor until

    the lip or groove is in the position you want, then click.