SolidWorks Transient Flow Simulation Tutorial - Von Karman Vortex Street

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This tutorial is meant for beginners interested in learning CFD. SolidWorks flow simulations are often regarded as a very poor cfd software, but I think that this assessment misses the point. I think that this software is best seen as a way of learning cfd and not as a cfd package. I wouldn't recommend this software for someone trying to perform a high fidelity LES simulation over a complex geometry with multiphase flow, but I would recommend it for a student learning the basics. When I was first learning cfd I used SolidWorks to quickly gain intuition for the basics and then I learned all of the theory. The insight I gained from SolidWorks provided a foundation to which I could attach all of the more advanced topics like turbulence modeling, pressure-velocity coupling, or so on.

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    video contains all of the necessary steps to complete the tutorial